Save Glenmoor

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Glenmoor's Future is In Our Hands

Glenmoor is an 18-hole golf course built in 1968 in the heart of South Jordan. For the past year, the future of the Golf Course has been in limbo. A judge's order has forced the owners of Glenmoor to put the property up for sale. In late 2017, the City Council approved a resolution providing notice of a change of designation for the land the golf course sits on, but an official vote on the rezoning has not yet taken place.

What's going to happen to Glenmoor?

Nothing is set in stone yet. But it is potentially going to be sold for housing development. Could it be high density housing units? Even if you don’t play golf, this could have a huge impact on your community. This is where the residents of South Jordan who love the Glenmoor Golf Course come in. 

​What can you do to help?

By signing this petition, you can help to let the South Jordan City Council know how important it is to you to preserve this beautiful open space for future generations. Let's make sure the City Council knows how much you want Glenmoor Golf Course to be saved. What does the golf course mean to you? What memories have you and your family made there?

What outcome do we hope to achieve? 

Our goal for the Save Glenmoor campaign is to either (a) convince the City of South Jordan to purchase the property and preserve the golf course, or (b) reach a compromise that preserves the property as an open space for us and our future generations to continue to enjoy. We don't want to see this green space turn into a housing or commercial development!