Do not show Smoking in Tamil Cinemas

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As a Tamil family from the UK, we love to watch and promote Tamil cinemas but the cinema industry is encouraging more young people to SMOKE not directly but indirectly. Heroes to Villan all are heavy smokers in films surrounded by friends. 

It's very upsetting to watch Tamil Films with kids these days because youngsters are following the trends from cinemas.

When I was seven I lost one of my friends due to CANCER. My close neighbour is suffering from CANCER. We lost our grandad due to CANCER and we are seeing many toddlers, kids, friends and many more unknown people like you suffering and dying from CANCER every day.

Cigarette smoke contains more than 400 toxins which are very harmful to the smoker and the people around. When it reaches the AIR it kills people silently without knowing the cause.

In the FILM when the HERO or Villan smokes during the shoot, it also kills the fellow industry workers from Producer, Cameraman, Artists and whoever keeps the industry running.

We are taking this challenge to save your child, your mum, your father, your husband, your wife and the very lovely people around us.


By implementing this at least we can save some invaluable lives.

Please help us to take this challenge, without your help we cannot make this happen.

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