No new fossil fuel power station in Ivybridge

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Sophie Phillips
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Conrad Energy have submitted a planning application to SHDC to build a gas peaking power station in Ivybridge. A gas peaking power station is one that can start up quickly to deal with the surges in electricity demand that happen at peak times, such as the evening when everyone is home watching TV, cooking, showering etc. They say we need it to cope with the intermittency of more renewable energy like wind and solar on the grid.

We oppose the construction of a new gas peaking plant because:

  • This will increase carbon emissions and SHDC and Devon County Council have declared a Climate Emergency. 
  • Nowhere in the documents supporting the planning application is there any mention of how much CO2 these gas engines produce.
  • Also there is no mention of any benefit to the local community, no mention of any contribution to a community fund which is usual for schemes like this!
  • We do NOT need a new power station, when there is a surge in electricity use, Western Power Distribution is already able to turn down demand by working with large businesses who are paid to switch off machines. 
  • It will not be used very often, so it is a waste of resources to build it.
  • Alternatively, a better mix of renewables, including more wind generation, combined with smart storage technology and householders using less electricity at peak times would also avoid supply shortages at peak times. This would be cheaper and reduce carbon emissions.

SDCE believe it completely inappropriate to build a gas-fired power station in this location. Low-carbon solutions are out there, this is not one of them!

You can view and comment on the planning application here: Comments must be submitted before the 29th November 2019.

SDCE is currently working on a letter of objection which we will publish on our website as soon as possible