Getting Rid Of "Dr." Mcaden.

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"Dr." McAden is easily the worst teacher we have ever had. She is unclear on every assignment, rude to students with special needs, yells at students when they ask questions about what to do for an assignment, yells at students for asking to go the bathroom and claims that they are a classroom disruption. However, they will ask to go when she has zoned out for about 15 minutes and we are just sitting at our desks, all of our notes copied, doing nothing but waiting for her to start talking again. Some of her lessons have been incorrect and been pointed out to her directly. What does she do, you might ask? An actual teacher would look at it and see if there really was a mistake. "Dr." McAden listens, then goes back behind her laptop and completely ignores the student. She doesn't specify what material should be studied for tests, or give extra points that she promised. She very rarely puts in grades, in fact only one has been put in this entire school year, and that was put in the 3rd Monday of the school year. For studying material, she just says "Its your notes." Well that isnt helpful at all considering that we have already done over 15 pages full of notes for different topics. All of these issues that have been presented to you are just the tip of the iceberg. South Granville Administration, please take this seriously. This is a real problem. Oh, and by the way, SHE DOESN'T TEACH. All of our material it's from random power points that she finds online. "Dr." McAden is bad!

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