A Park for the children of Winterbourne

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Please I need your help!

The petition is for a children’s play area in Winterbourne. The Recreational Field in Winterbourne once had a park area for children but unfortunately this was never replaced! They have since put a small set of skate ramps there and some outdoor exercise machines which is lovely but not ideal for the pre-school age. Many families travel to neighbouring villages as we just don’t have the facilities available. I would love to be able to walk down to the local park with my children but unfortunately the only parks close by are drivable or too far for little legs! We all know playing outdoors promotes wellbeing and physical development and will bring the children, families and community of Winterbourne together. Please can you show your support by signing the petition and I will be in contact with South Glos Council for discussion in hopefully providing a suitable Play area for the large community of Winterbourne.