Save South Dartmoor Jobs - teachers and support staff

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A recent article has been published stating that 43 jobs will be cut at South Dartmoor Academy. 43 JOBS. This is both unacceptable and deeply concerning; not only for the students but also for the staff. These are not just jobs, these are people’s careers. This is not just students education, this is their future. The staff are a TEAM. Breaking up this team will have a catastrophic impact. After being a student and a member of staff at Sixth Form, I am deeply upset about the news that major roles that help it function are being cut. How is the Academy supposed to operate effectively without admin staff, support staff, specialised teachers or a Head of Sixth Form?
Cutting costs can never amount to the importance of quality education.

I have created this petition in the hope that the CEO and governors of the Academy may reconsider this decision. This petition is to show support and appreciation for the staff of the Academy. Please help to make a change.