Defeat South Dakota House Bill 1096 - Criminalizing Commercial Surrogacy

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House Bill 1096 was introduced by Rep Hansen to criminalize South Dakota surrogacy; this could potentially eliminate all surrogacy in the state.

As of present date, South Dakota currently does not have any laws governing surrogacy.  To date, there has NEVER been a legal case regarding surrogacy in the state of South Dakota.

The negative impacts of HB 1096 would be detrimental. 

  • 1 in 8 couples have trouble conceiving or carrying a pregnancy to term.  Gestation carrier surrogacy enables some infertile couples to have a baby.  Some women are unable to carry a pregnancy because of medical conditions, such as heart disease, cancer, lupus, and Type 1 Diabetes or may suffer from recurrent miscarriages.  Surrogacy provides an opportunity for some cancer survivors and infertile couples to become biological parents.
  • The ambiguity of the bill would eliminate surrogacy to the point where it would not be accessible to those who need it to help build their families.  Most people don't have friends or family who are in a position to carry for them.
  • Not recognizing contracts of other states is in violation of the Full Faith and Credit clause of the US Constitution.

Surrogacy does not commoditize human life. It does not promote human trafficking. Surrogacy is not about abortion - it is about pregnancy and having babies!  It's about a woman who chooses to help people fulfill their desire to build their family!


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