Stand Up Against Anti Vaccination Bill 1235

Stand Up Against Anti Vaccination Bill 1235

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Started by Seth Stafford

South Dakota House Majority Leader, Lee Qualm, has introduced a bill (HB 1235) that would waive vaccination requirements for SD students. This would mean that it would no longer be a requirement for students to receive proper vaccinations in order to be enrolled in school. 

According to Dakota News Now, "With house bill 1235 known as the vaccination bill, schools would be prohibited from requiring immunizations. It would also make it a class one misdemeanor if schools or physicians “compel” someone to get a vaccination." 

Not only would this bill waive students from having to receive vaccinations, schools administrators and physicians would be penalized with a misdemeanor for trying to convince someone to be vaccinated. 

It's time we stop moving backwards. Vaccinations are important. There are children in this country who cannot receive vaccines due to their bodies immunity issues, who's only chance is for the people around them to be immunized. 

Vaccines are constantly proven by leading scientists to be effective at building immunity and stopping the spread of disease. 

Please stand up to our House of Representatives and let them know this bill should NOT pass. 

14,124 have signed. Let’s get to 15,000!