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That you can't get time for false statements. My son got 23 years for a crime he didn't do

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     I don't feel anyone should get years of their life taken, because other inmates​ or people wants to cut a deal. Inmates have written false statements on my son just to get their time cut. And the law approved for them to do so. South Carolina laws needs to change. The state didn't have any proof that, my son committed any of the crimes they brought against him. No DNA no finger prints nothing to say he committed any of the crimes. All the state had was written false statements from other inmates and people who were willing to cut a deal. My son got 23 years for that. The man who admitted​ to the crime and who actually did the killing. He got out this year in January. How can the state even allowed this to keep happening. My son did three years in the county jail on these charges and never got a bond. He was abouse by the officers in there. He was hand cuffed to a chair for over sixteen hours. He tried to report the abuse, but no one had help him not even his lawyer will come see him. The officers there tried to take his dry towel and slammed his hand in the door repeatedly. When they couldn't get him to talk. They added fraudulent charges on him. The state allowed them to do that too. This is why SC laws needs to change. I'm a single mother of six. And my family haven't gotten over what have happened to him. He was sentenced in July of 2015 . I feel the state of SC should release my son from prison, due to false statements against him. It's not fair that he have to pay for someone else crimes. He have to do 85% of that sentence.

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