Sell Santee cooper

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Marilyn Hemingway
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We call on the South Carolina legislature to sell Santee Cooper.  We who can least afford high rates will be paying more for Santee Cooper’s sins.  These include:

  • $4 billion and counting for an abandoned nuclear plant, the latest in a 20-year string of unfinished projects.
  • Millions overpaid yearly in a 65-year contract (2005-2070) to provide  gypsum to a wallboard plant
  • A lack of diversity we suspect runs deep and is reflected in the decisions management has made without listening to the voices from the Gullah community.
  • $250 million for an abandoned coal-fired plant
  • Denying climate change

The South Carolina Senate should listen.  Instead they ignore us, ignore history and accept a risky bet that Santee Cooper will reform itself.

We want change.  Change means lower rates and moving our state toward a greener, cleaner energy future. 

I agree with this message, and call on my Senator to vote to sell Santee Cooper