End One Time Use Items

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The alarming consumption of one time use products accumulation in our environment is hurting our world now and the world of our children. Just today, it was reported a whale washed ashore in Thailand with 17 pounds of plastic bags in its belly that consequently died. There are more sustainable and ecologically compatible ways to operate in concert with the world. Although recycling happens, not all things are recycled responsibly and end up polluting our world. Being proactive and bringing your own stainless steel or bamboo straw, or using a paper straw that could compost, is one way to bring change. Using wax paper or other natural based carry out containers once implemented will become the normal mode of operation when a change is implemented. I move that the state of South Carolina join a proactive, loving movement that protects our beautiful state and our reach into the world by forbidding one time use products that do not biodegrade, Please forbid  all plastic bags, styrofoam cups and packaging, and plastic straws.