Remove confederate monuments from Lee County Sc Courthouse

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Lee County,South Carolina is a small county,one with a deeply racist history. Though segregation ended with the civil rights act of 1964,it's never ended here. By demographic,the county demographics are around 60% black,35% white.Yet the public school enrollment is 97% black,thanks to a segregation academy with the same namesake as the county itself,Robert E Lee. And on the grounds of the Lee County courthouse lies a monument to treason,a statue honoring the confederacy, a treasonous nation who went to war with the USA.

The monument even dares declare the men who took up arms against this country they claim to love Heroes in bold print.

In light of the shooting at Mother Emmanuel AME in the same State,a wretched act carried out by a self declared proud confederate,it is highly insensitive ,and makes it incredibly difficult for any minority to feel like they have any shot at a constitutional right; the right to a fair trial.

Why should a predominantly black county honor those who fought for their enslavement?

We don't build monuments to the Nazi regime.

We don't build monuments to the taliban.

We don't build monuments to the kamikaze pilots from pearl harbor.

It may be heritage to some,but it's a heritage of hate.

It's history,and it's time for its stay on the grounds of the courthouse to be history as well.