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Enforce anti bullying policy

This petition had 139 supporters This happened at my sons middle school. This is the mothers comment about what happened and the history of bullying her son has gone through.... I am the the victims (Elijah's) Mother. First let me start off saying that this is most definitely bullying and that my son was absolutely a victim. Elijah does have Myotonic Dystrophy (weakening and deterioration of the muscles) he has the upper body strength of an 8 year old. He has a steel bar placed under his sternum approx a millimeter from his heart to keep his chest wall from crushing his heart and lungs. He also has 2 screws and 2 cadaver bones in is right foot from a right club foot surgery. These boys that are in the video were well aware of this when they approached my son to fight him. Eli has been bullied every year since 2nd grade because he looks different, he's very slim and walks with a limp. As he entered middle school at Hillcrest the bullying became worse. There have been multiple incidences where my son was attacked, including once being hit with a studded belt by another student in the bathroom. Hes been jumped on, spit on, slapped, food thrown at him, choked out once before to where after the boy got him on the ground, my son tried to get up and the other boy tried to shove my sons face in his crouch. And mind you, these happened in front of other students. How degrading! How much can one child take? I went to the school time and time again to report the attacks and ABSOLUTLEY NOTHING WAS DONE AT HILLCREST MIDDLE! There were times that in the morning I would take my son to school and as soon as we pulled in the parking lot he would start to hyperventilate and have a panic attack. He has even vomited due to fear of entering that school. I've entered that school in my pajamas. Ive kept him home for days at a time out of fear that my son would be harmed. I even switched schools once hoping that it would be better at another school but NO, because the Sumter County School District does nothing except brush it under the rug. I took him back to Hillcrest after about 2 months, thinking well, at least he has some friends there but the bullying only continued to get worse. In this particular incident, my son was approached by this group of boys. They targeted him because of his weaknesses. Figured it would be an easy take down. Something they couldn't lose at. The first video that was posted was the only one that I was aware of at the time it was posted. It was not edited by myself or the student that recorded it, he just started recording late. My son told investigators from the beginning that he took the first punch because he was scared. He did not hide what he did. I only viewed the full video today around 3 pm and did not mislead anyone. My son thought that if he stood up to these kids (because he's never done anything like this before) that the bullying would stop. That they would see that he was sick and tired of it! Maybe earn some respect. Do you blame him for doing the only next thing he could see may have worked because the school doesn't do their job to protect him. Whats he going to do, go tell another staff member so that it can be thrown out the window again and just to be called a snitch? I don't agree that my son should have put himself in that position but I can say that I do understand WHY! I've always told him to report to a staff member immediately and to call me as well and this he has done multiple times but for the past perpetrators to only receive a slap on the wrist and this is why this keeps happening! No, my son is not mentally handicapped. He is a smart, sweet, respectful young man that if only these other kids would stop to take the time to get to know him, would find a friend in him. BUT, he is physically disabled and in no way could have defended himself towards these boys. And yes, he knows this but figured it was worth a shot. It sickens me that so many of you are so quick to judge. He was terrified! He came home with bruise marks on his neck, elbow scrapped up and a huge bruise on his knee. The next day he could barely walk. His body was sore from having to fight off this boy that obviously had the upper hand from the beginning. The other kids in the video were instigating. Telling the perpetrator how and where to hit my son. They were laughing in enjoyment. The kid kept looking up at the camera at the other kids for approval...look at it again. Did you see my son smiling or laughing? Does it look like hes having a grand ole' time like these other boys? For any of you that say this is horseplay or that boys will be boys, how would you feel if this were your child? Or if it were you even? You would be ok with your child or yourself being choked out? How about being slammed in to a stall and a urinal? Or how about the big kicker...I bet you would just love to be picked up and slammed on to a concrete floor? And you think my son wanted this? NO! He wants all this to stop! Not just for him but for all bullying victims. I refuse to go back and forth with those of you that have negative comments and refuse to see the light here. Do your research before you comment. Look up Myotonic Dystropy. Look up pectus excavatum surgery. Read the comments posted by so many (including students from Hillcrest) that vouch for my son. Stating that he has been bullied for years, that there is a problem and that nothings being done. Some of these preteens sound more intelligent and more aware than some of you adults. Sad really! Open your eyes, stop being ignorant and help us fight.Are you going to wait until it is your child or until another child is killed or maybe you are waiting for one of these tortured students to come spray bullets throughout the halls. This is what happened to my son and NO, it does not end here! The real FIGHT has just begun!

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