Significant Changes to Notarial Law in South Carolina

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Sonita Leak
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South Carolina experienced mass notarial law reform back in 2014, and although it improved some of the vague language and ambiguous terms throughout, compared to the Notarial laws, checks and balances of other states, there is still room for improvement.

There are two measures that can be put into place in order to make the position of South Carolina Notary Public more secure and efficient.

1)  Currently there is no stamp nor seal requirement for signature notarizations.

Forgery, across the world, is a problem.  If we as an entire state require ink stamp or seal with required notarial fixtures, it will curb fraud.  By having a notarial act performed, Notaries Public are key in preventing fraud. NO ONE BENEFITS FROM FRAUD.

We as constituents of this Honorable State of South Carolina wish to propose the following be required by South Carolina law:

A REQUIRED stamp or seal stating the following:
*Name of Notary Public as it states on their commission
*Non-abbreviated State of Issuance (ex: South Carolina)
*Expiration Date of Commission
and last but not least,
*Required wording 'Notary Public' on stamp or seal.

2) It is not required for a State of South Carolina Notary Public to keep record of their notarial acts.

Although most Notaries Public across the country carry Notary journals, it is not required in this state.  Any firm organization or business, no less, would be nothing without proper record-keeping.  It is an essential key to ensuring reliability when it comes to when, where and why a notarial act or group of acts were performed.

We, as the people of South Carolina ask that changes be made in the current South Carolina state law to ensure that the title of Notary Public here in this state remain honorable.

Thank you for your consideration.