Deny Parole for Kenneth Green

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In late October 1982,my grandfather went hunting.  When he did not return home for a schedule birthday party for one of his grandsons who was turning 6, our family notified the police and reported him missing.

After being missing a few days, his body was discovered by one of his sons and a son-in-law (father of the child whose birthday he missed).  My grandfather was found in a wooded area Hwy 61, and had been shot in the head with a double barrel shotgun.

A suspect,  Kenneth Green, was apprehended quickly based on witness statements.  In March 1983,  Kenneth Green was tried for the armed robbery and heinous murder of my grandfather.  During the trial, there was testimony from a friend of Kenneth Green that was this: Mr. Green showed up at the friend's house late in the evening on the night of the murder.  Mr. Green asked his friend to "hold a shotgun" for him. The friend asked, where Mr. Green obtained the shotgun.  Mr. Green did not respond, and the friend asked again.  This time Mr. Green replied, "I got it off a dead man, after I blew his f**king head off."

Other testimony in this case revealed that my grandfather overheard  Kenneth Green and a different friend, talk about robbing him and killing him.  My grandfather made an attempt to save his life by escaping, but was unsuccessful.

Due to the diligent work of the solicitor from Dorchester County and the Dorchester County Sheriff's Office,  Kenneth Green was convicted of these crimes and was sentenced to LIFE IN PRISON. Unfortunately for my family, Life in Prison in 1983, did not mean Life without the possibility of parole, so every year in the since late 1990's, our family has had to fight to keep this convicted murderer behind bars, so that he cannot harm another family.

So, I ask you to join my family and I as we ask the South Carolina Department of Probation, Parole and Pardon Services to deny the parole request of Mr. Kenneth William Green(pictured above). 

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