Make masks mandatory in South Carolina

Make masks mandatory in South Carolina

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JoAnne Simson
JoAnne Simson signed this petition

It has been recommended by, Governor McMaster, state epidemiologist Dr Bell, and the CDC for people to wear masks in public to protect themselves and others, however the lack of people in public following this recommendation is alarming.

We continue to set new records for number of new cases recorded in our state, despite warmer weather. If people begin to get sick once again, businesses will be closed once again-and some for good. We can continue to return to our normal lives while maximizing the protection of ourselves and those around us.

Please think about those people who are at high risk or have family members who are at a high risk (i.e. parents who have a child battling cancer, people with autoimmune diseases, families who have elderly parents living in their home, nursing home patients at the mercy of the staff, pregnant women who will have to deliver their baby without their spouse if positive for COVID-19 at time of delivery).

I am a healthcare worker and one of many concerned citizens who see the opportunity to practice compassion and protect one another before it is too late. Please make masks mandatory to help gain control over and slow the spread of this disease, while continuing to re-open the economy. Wearing a mask is not about loss of freedom. It is about saving lives.