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We,the family of Marcus Greene are writing to express my concerns on behalf of my cousin Marcus Greene who is incarcerated at Evans Corrections under inmate number 309647. Marcus went to the infirmary at Evans corrections back in May of 2017 and was diagnosed with bronchitis. He advised that he was prescribed Zithromax and after he took the medicine it cleared up the mucus, however the then said weeks later he started having chest pains, headaches, vomiting and his face broke out in a rash. He went back to medical at Evans and was given a steroid shot and antibiotics (which he doesn’t think was documented in the computer) and it cleared up the rash but the situation got worse.Marcus has told me that he then went to see the doctor in June of 2017 and the doctor put in for his blood to be drawn but it was never done. He told Dr. Fernandez that another inmate told him that someone was putting paint in his food trying to poison him.

Marcus did to try and seek medical attention a different way was cutting himself, he filed a razor down and swallowed it, he has taken a bunch of pills and even with all of this Evans still refused medical attention. They (Evans) told him he was insane. There is another inmate he has told me about that has lead poison, and his symptoms are very much the same as Marcus (down to his feces and body pain). He’s had numerous EKG’s, which came out to be irregular, because his heart rate was 125 which is extremely high.
Evans sent Marcus to a cutters program located at a Broad River facility and he told a nurse there the same things that were going on and no one took any blood test. Evans drew blood in the early part of July for a CBC testing but when he arrived at the facility on Broadriver it wasn’t documented in the system. Once Marcus found out it wasn’t in the system he then asked them (Broadriver facility) would they be able to draw the blood and they refused also. The cutters program then sent him to Kershaw because he felt like Evans medical staff wasn’t not in his favor of caring for his health. Now that he’s at Kershaw he’s told them the same exact story and they advised him there was nothing they can do for lead poison. The prison in Kershaw does not have 24 hour care and are short of nurses and still no one has taken any blood to see what’s going on within my body. The head warden at Kershaw is Warden Lane and then there follows Warden Ingram and Warden Stonebreaker.
On July 31, 2017 Marcus spoke with the nurse practitioner from Broad River Correctional Institution where he was informed of the following: his white blood cell count is very low, he has blood in his urine and his intestines as well as kidneys are having difficulties according to a Complete Blood Check test (CBC) that was taken on July 12th. The results were back a day later (July 13,2017) but no follow up was ever done. The nurse practitioner stated that the results from the CBC test was not enough as in “not a true emergency” to be sent to the hospital but that she would sign him up to see the cardiologist, which he refused because he does not want to wait. He is in very much pain and needs immediate care because he has symptoms that are so severe and the fact that he has blood in his urine is definitely internal bleeding which needs immediate, emergency attention.
Marcus needs medical attention as soon as possible; everyone seems to be ignoring the issue and I don’t want it to be too late when someone finally does see at his medical care. Although he is an inmate, he is still human just like all of us and needs to be treated like a human being that matters. He, we, I simply want him to be seen by a nurse or doctor and get the appropriate care. I ask that you take my letter into consideration and please have my cousin seen by the appropriate staff regarding his medical care. I lost a close friend last July because SCDC refused to take his medical claims serious. Please help our family!!!!!

Thank you for all of your cooperation.

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