Pardon Derrick B. Woods after serving nearly 16 years in prison for non-violent offenses.

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Derrick B. Woods has been incarcerated since September 5, 2002 for Possession with intent to distribute crack, the accompanying charge of proximity to a park and resisting arrest. These charges are legally classified as non-violent offenses and yet Derrick was sentenced to 35 years, 25 years for the drug offense and a separate consecutive sentence of 10 years for resisting arrest. Though the Omnibus Crime Bill amended the statute in 2010 for the drug offense significantly reducing the penalty which could be imposed, it was not until 2016 that the law change was applied to Derrick's case. At the time of his arrest he was beaten by police and then prosecuted for claiming his innocence and refusing to drop his complaint against the officers. Derrick has repeatedly appealed his conviction and sentence which are unconstitutional under the 8th amendment to the U.S. Constitution and the South Carolina Constitution prohibition against excessive sentencing and cruel and unusual punishment. Derrick has alleged and shown that several serious violations of his Civil and Constitutional rights were violated yet there has been no response to correct this egregious wrong. Even after two parole hearings Derrick still remains in prison. Again, Derrick has been confined for more than 15 and a half years for these simple non-violent offenses a debt which should be considered paid. Please , support this petition by signing on to it and helping Derrick receive the pardon and get released.