BLM/Rosewood Community Art Project

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Inspired by the recent Black Lives Matter murals in: Washington DC, Charlotte, and Hartford, we in Rosewood have organized a community art project to have our own BLM mural in Columbia, SC. 

After several discussions and feedback sessions online with community members, it was agreed that Jim Hamilton Blvd would be the best location for the community art. 

Conceptualization for this project took place in June and it was decided that we would also include colors and themes representing the LGBTQ community. June is pride month and neighbors expressed interest in showing solidarity between the two groups (BLM/LGBTQ).

We in Rosewood would love to move forward with this community art project but we need your help. Submitting an official application for this project is one part but individual community support is paramount. The project will not cost the city of Columbia one single cent! 

Support Black Lives and community art projects with your signature and your support. Social justice isn't easy work and we all have a role to play. Help the Rosewood community do its part and sign today and share with a friend.