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SB students and Residents need lights in the school tennis courts

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We, the residents of South Brunswick, petition the Board of education to switch on the lights in the Tennis courts of South Brunswick High and Middle school.

South Brunswick has been having a very good tennis team due to facilities that was provided to the students to practice all these years in the school courts during the evening time till 10 pm with the tennis court lights.

This fall season we were shocked to see that the lights were not switched on in the school courts. Some of the residents called up and sent email individually and around the end of Sep it was switched on for a couple of weeks. And then it was again switched off for the last 2 weeks.

When asked for the reason it was mentioned that it was due to lack of budget for the lights. We the residents of South Brunswick have the following questions:
- We had budget for tennis court lights all these years. I remember the lights were there for the last so many years even during the recession times. What happened to that budget?
- Our property taxes have gone up almost every year. How come the budget for the tennis court lights has suddenly become an issue?
- This will impact the skills of the high school tennis team in a big way as it becomes dark by 6 pm during this season and they are unable to practice.
- Some of the South Brunswick students also play competitive tennis by USTA and the lack of facilities in our township will impact their future aspirations/dreams.

In light of the above would request the SB Board of Education to consider this petition and switch on the lights for the benefit of Students/Residents until the end of Nov at least for this fall season.

In addition most of the residents (Students/Adults) go for walking/jogging in the Middle school track and there are no lights at the far end of the track. I have seen just one or two persons also walking/jogging (sometime even girls/women) in the dark and that place looks very dangerous with out the lights.

I would request that we should have a light post at the far end of the track so our residents can make use of this good facility and get good exercise even after 6 pm in a very safe manner.

So would request the Board to be proactive and provide a light post at the far end of the track and avoid any untoward incidents from happening in future.



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