Rename "Indian Fields" Elementary School

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The term "Indians" in reference to indigenous people is outdated.  Indigenous people in America should be referred to by their specific tribe names or the umbrella term of Indigenous or Native Americans. As a community that prides itself on diversity and respect, we believe it is important to respect and honor the Lenape people. 

Indian Fields Elementary School rests on the land that once belonged to the Lenape tribe. The school originally received the name "Indian Fields" in honor of the artifacts uncovered during the building's construction. Since then, we as a nation, and as a community, have progressed to understand the power in a name and the struggle that comes with being addressed improperly. Though the name "Indian Fields" has graced the elementary school for decades, it is time for change and progress. 

 With respect towards the Lenape people whose land our school resides on, we as residents of South Brunswick, request that the name "Indian Fields" be replaced. [Edit: After a discussion with Native persons and the town historian, we learned that "Lenape Fields Elementary School," may not successfully honor the Lenape people, but rather reinforce the legacy of colonialism.]

We understand that the South Brunswick School District's first priority is ensuring the health and safety of students and faculty members as we cope with COVID-19. While logistics and planning to ensure the well-being of those within SBSD take precedence, we would also like to highlight this issue. 

We also understand that this is the first step in a long journey of social and racial justice. We do not expect nor anticipate immediate action. We simply want our voices to be heard and the renaming of Indian Fields to be highlighted as a social issue within South Brunswick.

If you are a member of the Nanticoke Lenni-Lenape tribe and would like to further support this goal, please contact us at

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