Protect our Common Good Land

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South Ayrshire Council have recommended the development of a golf academy within Belleisle Park. In order to accommodate this development, Seafield golf course would need to be altered resulting in 2 golf holes being located on the Old Racecourse playing fields, which is Common Good Land (CGL).

CGL is not owned by the council and as such needs to be decided by the sheriff if this land, owned by the people, can be used in this way. In our view this removes a large proportion of CGL from the public and reserves it solely for one purpose. 

Currently the Old Racecourse is used by multiple sports and locals as they please and we believe it should remain that way - for everyone to use.

This petition is to build support objecting to this planned change to our CGL, recommended by South Ayrshire Council, and to ensure it is available to use for generations to come.