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Take water and electricity back into public ownership

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It was no less an intellect than Albert Einstein who is said to have coined the idea that, 'Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results each time'.

It has now been proven over decades of time and in every place it has been imposed on national economies, that privatisation of public assets, i.e. those things which either exist to make a nation work such as transport, healthcare, the judiciary, or are a fundamental right of all living things on this planet, e.g. clean air, adequate supplies of clean water, healthcare, sunlight and liberty, has been disastrous for all concerned.  All except, of course, for the few who take what is not theirs to take and go on to create vast wealth for themselves by selling it back to us at hugely inflated prices.  Privatisation of public assets is legally sanctioned theft of what is by definition a good that belongs to every living thing on this planet.  That is not a socialist statement, it's plain old mother common-sense.  Privatisation not only affects those of us who end up stretched on the corporate rack of greed, but the inevitable lack of promised oversight by government and the overarching greed and pursuit of profit lead, without exception, to environmental degradation on a global scale.  This is our children's and grandchildren's heritage down the generations being hollowed out and dumped on forever until there's nothing left to destroy.  And it's happening on our watch.  Don't say sorry to future generations, say we saw, we acted, we preserved the good and we need no thanks for that.  The thanks is a thriving planet.

SA has made a great start along this road through its quick and nimble thinking over the fiasco that has become the power industry in Australia.  Every journey begins with that single step.  Let's not falter, but pursue what we know in our hearts and minds to be the only course to follow if, as inhabitants of this magnificent rocky planet of ours, we are to leave more than red hot rock as our headstone.  

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