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South Africans will Boycott Emirates Airline until Dubai Evict and Ban Zumas and Guptas!

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The Zumas, Guptas and associates in State Capture have bloodsucked the life out of the South African Economy for far too long, they have leeched and siphoned billions of Rands of public money out of South Africa, whilst the majority of South Africans suffer in poverty, in shacks, with no hope of a future.

And where do the Zumas and Guptas find refuge and safekeeping of their stolen money? Dubai. Dubai has not taken a stance against the atrocities that these two families have caused to our wonderful country and our wonderful people.

All Dubai cares about is the money, no matter whether the money is dirty, money seems to just mean money for them. We as South Africans need to act now, and we can, we willingly use Emirates Airline, supporting their business so well that South Africa is one of their largest markets, and so we can put our money where our mouth is.

We must gather behind a Boycott of Emirates (being a Dubai government company) for them to take action against the Zumas and Guptas. We should not and will not support a country/city state who harbours fugitives of our country, for their own monetary gain.

Let us Boycott Emirates until the day Zumas and Guptas are kicked out and banned. 

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