Less tax burden

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We are fully aware of the economic challenges and inequalities that the country is facing. As taxpayers we are fully committed to ensuring that we live up to the tax requirements on a monthly basis in order for our government to be able to provide the country with the most basic services. As taxpayers we are standing together to raise our concerns at how the child support grant is encouraging people to give birth to more children that the are unable to afford under the circumstances. We would like to request that the government decreases the number of children per parent who receive the CSG from six to two. This we believe will help minimize the high fertility rate especially amongst teenagers. It is high time people start taking responsibility for their actions. Government has provided a platform for free family planning which people do not take advantage of. The level of entitlement also from the parents who receive the grant on the children’s behalf is appalling. The children are not also full recipients because most young mothers use this grant to fulfill their own needs whilst the child is at home with grandparents. The grant is for the child and is not to be misused by the parents.