National ban on the sale and use of fireworks in South Africa

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Year after year, bigger and louder fireworks are illegally brought into and sold into South Africa. Importers and people who buy and use fireworks try to outdo each other, selling to the public in ever greater numbers and often in flagrant violation of the provisions of the Explosives Act … Yet at what cost? Our poor animals pay the price. When one considers that animals have a more acute sense of hearing than humans, and react to sounds that are inaudible to humans, is it any wonder that they go crazy trying to escape the onslaught of noise caused by fireworks and crackers? The loud sounds from fireworks don't only harm companion animals, but they also harm people with epilepsy, new-born babies, birds, farm animals, wild animals and the environment. People are now using fireworks all year long for various types of celebrations

Every year without fail, there is always and an increasing number of injured and dead animals, lost animals and animals who are killed due to the use of fireworks every year, and none of this is mentioned in media as money takes the front seat to morals, empathy and ethics. Many people with epilepsy and autism will be hospitalized and would probably remain unstable until the fireworks stop. There are always by laws put in place by all local metro police stations but when these by laws are not followed, complaints are sent to the SAPS but the SAPS never come out and do anything. Excuses are always made, and it frustrates the public a lot. Fines for the illegal use of fireworks are too cheap as well.

People who indulge in fireworks will say that pet owners must take care of and sedate their pets during the designated times for fireworks. Sure, pet owners do that but there also many stray animals and wildlife that don’t have someone else taking of them and are not in shelters so what happens to them? Babies and epilepsy patients are affected by fireworks to so how are they going to be constantly sedated? Every specie is different, and sedation doesn’t work on all of them. Some people also don’t follow the designated times and dates set out by the SAPS. Fireworks are used much earlier and after Diwali, Guy Fawkes, New Years and even at random celebrations.

Enough is enough! We demand a national ban as soon as possible. Too many lives are at stake.