Amendment of SANC requirements to save student nurses' lives during a pandemic.

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Institutions of higher learning are sending student nurses to clinical facilities to complete their clinical requirements as stipulated by SANC. 

As the coronavirus infections surge, the lives of student nurses are placed at risk by public Colleges as students are not even provided with PPE. 

Students are expected to make up hours missed during the mandatory quarantine. Students are going to clinical even though they are medically unfit just because public Colleges require them to complete the SANC requirements. 

We therefore plead with SANC to rather adjust, amend and/or create a waiver for students during these difficult times. 

Public Colleges are forcing students to work under these conditions citing that SANC does not care whether there is a pandemic or not. SANC wants its requirements regardless. Students have to drag themselves out of their dead beds for the sake of clinical hours. 

This petition serves as a plea and students' outcry for SANC to intervene and ensure that student lives are spared. Save the lives of young nurses. The future of the nursing fraternity. 

Public Colleges have disregarded the lives of students nurses all in the name of SANC requirements. It is now all in the hands of SANC to ensure that the life of a nurse is valued especially in the year of a nurse and midwife.