Fund Healthcare Student's

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Health Care Student’s Funding Campaign

This was established by Khorina and Vutivi, UP (University of Pretoria) health care students from Limpopo who have been concerned about the apparent lack of support, financial and otherwise from their province. The purpose is to canvass the support of affected students and others to confront the province and the relevant departments about this issue. 

We started a WhatsApp group to try and gather other students. The responses suggest this problem may not only be restricted to Limpopo or UP but other provinces and institutions as well. If indeed this is the case, it becomes more exciting because united in numbers we will move mountains.

Khorina met an official from the Limpopo Department of Health bursary admin office on 10 October instant. She was informed that the department has not issued any bursaries in the past 6 years (and not planning to issue any in future). The official also informed that they will not be providing employment for interns that have previously been awarded the "department of health" bursaries.

As far as this response from the department may be accurate, it simply makes our situation even more serious. It is indeed ironic that a province of the dire healthcare status of Limpopo should adopt this posture.