Breast Reduction Surgery is NOT COSMETIC

Breast Reduction Surgery is NOT COSMETIC

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Breast Reduction Support SA started this petition to South African Medical Aid Schemes and

Breast Reduction is NOT COSMETIC

Many women in South Africa are suffering from Big, Large, Excess Breast known as Gigantomastia, Hypertrophy and Macromastia

Large breast can cause many health problems such as Spinal Cord Damage, Back Pains, Shoulder Pains, Bra scar / marks, Skin irritation / rash, Breathing problems, Numbness, Fatigue, Headaches / Migraines

Not only can they cause health problems but also Lack of Confidence, Emotional issues, Inability to Exercise, Inability to participate in Sports, Inability to work in their dream career, Inability to find a fitting bra, Inability to find fitting clothes, Unproportional body and Too much unnecessary attention

Breast Reduction Surgery for large breasted women can improve their Health and Wellbeing in so many ways.

There's a Facebook group called 'Breast Reduction Support South Africa' that was opened last year in April 2018 as an Initiative for women who are suffering from large breast, a group where there is too much support and information for women who would love to get a Breast Reduction procedure, few have successfully gotten the procedure and have shared their story in the group but majority are struggling to get the procedure because of their Medical Aid Schemes denies them their wish to get Breast Reduction calling it COSMETIC & EXCLUSIVE even after proving beyond reason that their case is not cosmetic but medical issue they still boldly DECLINE giving them no hope to get medical help. Some don't have money and some decided to save up to save their health.

What is the point of using medical aid if they can't help you fund certain Plastic Surgery procedure such as Breast Reduction? 

We calling out to all Medical Aid Schemes in South Africa to understand, support and change their policy when it comes to medical procedures like Breast Reduction, it is clearly not Cosmetic. 

Medical Aid Schemes: Bonitas, Discovery Health, Infinity Health, FedHealth
SisonkeHealth, Polmed, Hosmed, Medshield, MediHelp, Bankmed, SizweMed, GEMS, SAMWUMED, SasolMed, GenesisMedical
And many more others.

We also calling out to all Plastic / Reconstructive Surgeons to support this petition 


0 have signed. Let’s get to 15,000!
At 15,000 signatures, this petition becomes one of the top signed on!