South Africa stop Cancelling Permits & Deportation of Zimbabwean Refugees

South Africa stop Cancelling Permits & Deportation of Zimbabwean Refugees

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Started by Collen Makumbirofa

A Call to investors to Support beleguard Zimbabwean refugees in South African

Xenophobic people want to Blame foreigners for everything! South Africa is the only country in this world where foreigners are shot in streets. Where foreigners are necklaced and burned with tyres. Where foreign owned small businesses are targeted and looted. Where foreigners are targeted in armed robbery, house breaking and mob justice. Where foreigners are discriminated and called "Makwerekwere," a deregatory name.
We have lost many Zimbabwean lives due to cruel violence of xenophobic people.

Now blacks have turned against blacks. This war and hatred is needless, unjustified and unprogressive for Africa as a continent. It's pervasive for the advancement of blacks as a race.

The Home Affairs minister Dr Pakishe Aaron Motsoaledi must be informed that Zimbabweans are not to blame for unemployment in South Africa. Unemployment in South Africa is being caused by other problems.
It's a lie and xenophobic to say Zimbabweans are criminals. Let's go to South African jail's more than 90% of jailed people there are South Africans, jailed for rape, arson, armed robbery, murder and much more.

The South African department of Home Affairs has decided to cancel permits for 250 000 Zimbabweans. These are hard working refugees. These are not criminals. These are human beings with souls.

Zimbabwe was destroyed political and economical. The corrupt and evil South African government of President Thabo Mbeki was supporting the destruction of farms and businesses in Zimbabwe. President Mbeki was fiercely supporting Mugabe's satanic dictatorship in his famous words, "There is no crisis in Zimbabwe."
Now Zimbabwe is destroyed social and economical. Hundreds of thousands of Zimbabweans have sought refugee in South Africa.

Zimbabwe is not ready to receive hundreds of thousands of its citizens in neighbouring countries like South Africa, Botswana, Zambia, UK and Australia.
There are no jobs in Zimbabwe, there are no roads in Zimbabwe. There is no water. There are no medicines in hospitals in Zimbabwe. Many companies have closed down. Investors have fled the country. White farmers have been killed and destroyed with SA support.
President Thabo Mbeki supporting the Late President Robert Mugabe's destruction of innocent lives.
Mbeki's South Africa contributed to a humanitarian crisis in Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe is what it is like today because of Thabo Mbeki's useless and hostile foreign policies.

Mbeki's foreign policies favoured Mugabe's evil and corrupt leadership instead of Zimbabweans.

I call upon Zimbabwean millionaires and investors in South Africa and around the world to support their fellow countrymen.
I call upon all other investors in USA, Australia, Canada, Germany and much more. To threaten withdrawal of their investment in South Africa.
South Africa must treat Zimbabwean immigrants with fairness, justice and in a humanitarian manner. South African Home Affairs must not treat Zimbabweans in a xenophobic manner.
Zimbabweans in South Africa have been there for more than 8years. They have positively contributed to South Africa. They have cars, they have property and can't be asked to leave in 1 year. The time is so short and so cruel and so xenophobic.

I kindly ask you to write a letter of protest to the South African embassy in your country.
I kindly ask you to threaten withdrawal of your investment from South Africa if the SA Home Affairs does not handle this immigration issue with fairness and in a humanitarian manner.
Forceful removal of Zimbabwean immigrants from South Africa is an issue of humanitarian concern. Many Zimbabweans are going to suffer evil abuses and are going to die during this process.
How can a truly rainbow nation behave like this? How can a Human Rights South Africa behave like this.

It seem like the humanitarian values of the late President Nelson Mandela, Arch Bishop Desmond Tutu, Govan Mbeki and other South African founding fathers have gone with them.

Neither Bishop Desmond Tutu nor His Excellency Nelson Mandela were going to accept languishing of refugees.

Email Contacts of South African authorities are here:

USA Embassy:

God's people are instructed not to oppress immigrants.
Exodus 22:21 – “Do not mistreat or oppress a foreigner, for you were foreigners in Egypt.”

Exodus 23:9 – “Do not oppress a foreigner; you yourselves know how it feels to be foreigners, because you were foreigners in Egypt.

Thank you for your support during this tiresome time.

by Collen Makumbirofa

21 have signed. Let’s get to 25!