Shutdown ZanuPf officials asserts in Diaspora

Shutdown ZanuPf officials asserts in Diaspora

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Started by Talent Rusere

On behalf of the Zimbabwean people, it is of our greater concern that the Zimbabwean Government takes responsibility of its failures and stop crippling our children's future on the account of politics.

Zimbabwe is loosing more than US$100 million every year through the Zanu Pf looting and cartel systems according to the Maveric Report,yet all our hospitals only need US$60 million to be fully functional for the whole year without shorting anything.

They are looting and plundering our national resources everyday buying houses and expensive cars in other countries,their children are studying abroad yet they are destroying our local educational systems. They are languishing in foreign fantasies, enjoying viable economies,driving on nice roads,accessing perfect health treatments and enjoying the best of life yet they are the ones destroying and crippling our economy. We can't have a government like that.

Government officials must be employees of the public who voted them in. The government must submit to the public and the public must hold their government responsible of all the national failures without any difficulties.

No Zimbabwean government official must be living or having asserts in foreign countries especially when corruption is the key source of poor administration. We are going to shutdown every Zanu Pf government official assets in the Diaspora. They are busy securing their children's future on the expense of our present and the futures of our children! Not again.
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156 have signed. Let’s get to 200!