Revise Exercise restrictions during level 4 lockdown

Revise Exercise restrictions during level 4 lockdown

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Started by Amy Laird

The level 4 exercise conditions announced are unfair for many people, and unnecessary. Please share this petition as we should be able to exercise throughout the day:

  • Allowing exercise only during the 3 hours between 6am and 9am mean that anyone who starts work 8am or earlier is unlikely to be able to exercise as they may need to travel to work and shower and get ready before doing so. In addition, the sunrise is only after 7 am each day and many people do not want to run in the dark when it may be unsafe to do so.
  • The rationale of getting everyone out at the same time seems counterintuitive and doesn’t make sense. Surely, to further promote social distancing, it is better to allow people to do their exercise over the course of the day and not try to cram everyone into what is effectively a 2 hour window of sunlight
  • There is no increased risk to the spread of the virus if a person runs or cycles at 8am vs runs or cycles at 3pm. In terms of what we are trying to prevent (the spread of the virus) it makes no difference. If anything, it may decrease the risk having people spread out at times that suit them
  • In this time of uncertainty and sacrifice, I think most people can get behind some of the measures and restrictions we have been asked to follow. For many, exercise is a pressure release, a mental break from this situation and an endorphin release which makes us feel better. Allowing all people access to this over the course of the whole day, will mean more people are accepting of the other restrictions in place
  • People who exercise are healthier with a stronger immune system and therefore more likely to be able to fight the virus. Therefore we should allow as much low-transmission-risk exercise as we can.

I urge you to reconsider the very restrictive exercise policy currently in place for level 4.

98,741 have signed. Let’s get to 150,000!