Government to retract its decision regarding placing the Students from China in Limpopo

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I am worried about the wellness of the people in Limpopo. We are told that the people coming from China were tested negative, however the staff of THE RANCH HOTEL IN POLOKWANE are forced to sign consent/contracts that force them to not leave the premises while these people are staying there. Why exactly don’t they want the staff to leave the premises if these people were tested negative for the Corona virus? If these people are actually infected and are placed in Limpopo, this is a suicide mission that could kill millions of people in Limpopo. We have a nation wide if not international religious event that happens around Easter every year. Millions of people flock to Moria (Boyne) to celebrate this. If these people are infected and the government is hiding this information from us South African citizens it will kill millions of people. So for the safety of South Africans we ask that this people be put in a different province and health facilities not a hotel for the safety of people who are not infected by the virus. The people/students should stay in China in a isolated place until a cure is found since they are “negative” and if they need to be returned home why ain’t they put in an isolated place like robben island instead of a public hotel?