Facilitate Essential International Travel (South Africa)

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This petition is aimed at the South African Government. We request that steps be taken towards facilitating essential international travel. A positive start might be to open our borders for a few days, to allow for citizens to travel overseas if they fit the criteria set out by the Department of Affairs (as stipulated below).

According to the Department of Home Affairs:

"The Alert Level 3 Regulations took effect on 1 June 2020.

Travellers intending to leave the Republic from 1 June 2020 onwards are permitted to continue with their travel arrangements SUBJECT TO THE FOLLOWING:

Must be a South African Citizen who wish to depart from the Republic only for the following reasons:

  • Work
  • Study
  • Residence (this includes family reunion, to take up permanent residency or receive medical attention)"

However, international flights are still not permitted to land in South Africa according to the most recent Covid-19 regulations.

Personally, I have planned to move to Vienna to study for the last few years. I have even been accepted into my dream degree! My only obstacle now, is to find a way to travel, as my program begins in September 2020. As the period of lockdown in South Africa nears the 3-month mark, I am starting to become concerned about my plans to study overseas this year. I hope that this petition finds someone who can organise the opening of South Africa's borders for a few days so that students like myself and other citizens may travel overseas.

Thank you for your time! Any assistance towards obtaining this goal will help!