Unfair practice towards Newcanada United FC and South African football development

Unfair practice towards Newcanada United FC and South African football development

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South African football association, Joburg Sports and Media houses

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Started by Newcanada United

Newcanada United Football Club is a community based amateur football club, geographically located in the region B Ward 68 in the Joburg municipality. The club is affiliated with the Greater Mayfair Local Football Association, competing in the GMLFA promotional League for promotion to the SAFA Men's Regional league.

We as a community football club seek assistance from the South African football association, Joburg Sports and media houses regarding the matter detailed below, to help a small team fight against unfair practices. The rules of the game are bigger than any individual or team therefore politely plead for assistance in this regard.

In the match between APAA (Augusto Palacios Apprentice Academy) versus Newcanada United FC in a GMLFA Premier League match at Mayfair Bloch Park, played on Sunday, September 12, 2021 @12h00. Newcanada United’s Captain rightly requested the cards when issuing the match fee to the referee but he was told not to worry about that…. We were therefore astonished when the referee allowed the game to start, as we were expecting at that point to be afforded the opportunity to see their cards as we had our cards and team sheet printed on a single A4 paper but the officials allowed the game to start and ignored our request to see their Cards. As Newcanada United Football Club, we immediately informed the referee about the opposition fielding unregistered players and there on logged a formal protest against APAA and the behavior of the Match Official on Monday, September 13, 2021 @ 09h30 with the Greater Mayfair Local Football Association, to request a course of action in relation to fielding unregistered players and players registered with APAA Under 17 division.

Furthermore on the 12th of September 2021 our opponents had only 12 players registered for the GMLFA Premier League but went on to introduce 3 substitutes in the match, whereas the above mentioned facts were overlooked by the official when we raised it before the start of the match. Our opponents used players from other teams and lower divisions as they have been studying our games and went on to recruit players to play us and only went on to register the players after the game and our protest. The rules are clear that an unregistered player is not allowed to play. We have full proof that the players were registered from the 13th September 2021 to the 16th whereas the game was on the 12th of September 2021. A detailed affidavit is available and was also made available to the league and the opponents.

It was surprising to see a club of our opponents caliber fielding players who were ineligible to Play, luckily we were warned by other team officials about the first class treatment our opponents was receiving from the officials at Bloch Park.The opponents rather overlooked the SAFA rules and regulations, we were there on called for a DC by the GMLFA Executive on the 29th of September 2021 at 7pm for our protest to be heard with the opposition also in attendance. After we submitted our evidence to the league and the opponents responded we were told that the was to deliberate and come back to us.

The league there on sent an email to us on the 5th of October 2021 stating that they have dismissed our protest against APAA due to the referee did not receive team list hence is Signature does not appear on our team list and the protest should have taken place before the start of the match. But when we submitted our complaint/protest to the league we advised in our letter that we had issued our documents to the officials but he refused them, stating that it was not necessary. We also have a voice recording where the league representative confirming that the referee hasn't submitted his match report nor answered to our claims as yet therefore we strongly believe in the capability of SAFA to accordingly attend to our claims and thus delivering the much anticipated Justice.

We humble ourselves and request your assistance to investigate this complaint and take it further to expose acts that are diminishing to our department in football as a nation. We have a voice recording of the DC and all the evidence need to prove our case is valid, you're assistance will not only help us but the entire community of South African football who are disgruntled by unfair practices in the beautiful game.

Yours in sports
Sibusiso Khumalo
081 513 4997
Newcanada United Football Club Chairman

8 have signed. Let’s get to 10!