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South African Courts And Voters: Bar The ANC From Politics.

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June 3, 2013, 8:15 PM Eastern USA time:
The African National Congress was at one time an organization that
stood for a greater degree of freedom according to that Progressive
American axiom, "the greatest good for the greatest number."
After taking power in South Africa in 1994, the ANC quickly
consolidated its power and grip on South Africa, transforming
it into a one-party State and curtailing the constitutional power
and integrity of the courts, and violently repressing all
opposition forces in South African society and politics;
from Inkatha to the independent Afrikaner coalescing of
popular will. And after the retreat of Nelson Mandela from
the elective Presidency, the most violent and incompetent
elements of the African National Congress (which actually
means the Africanist Nationalist Congress, in truth) began
to push their way to the top of the ANC and push the voices
of sensibility and reason and dissent completely out of the
picture. Thus the ANC today does not speak truly for the
voice of South Africa, a vast and beautiful country with a
population growing rapidly and well above 50 million.
Instead, the ANC now speaks for the darkest corners of
corruption and greed and violence in the mind of
mankind - and speaks for naught but a tiny sliver of a
minority of power-grabbers - in the new apartheid;
The remedies for this situation of dictatorship and violent
thugocracy under the flimsiest pretenses of democracy
are as follows:
1) Reintroduce some tangible form of meritocracy in
Government, so that there will be some chance for
the most competent people in the country to rise to
the top based on their intelligence, rather than due to
their political pull or racial preferences which are
replacing an old, discredited system of apartheid
with a new apartheid which - in its day-to-day
standard operating procedures - is even worse that the
worst occasional features of the old apartheid.
There is a Sharpeville massacre perpetrated
against white South Africans about once every
few weeks, in recent years - although the Sharpeville
massacre itself in 1960 was something that only
happened once under the old apartheid, and was
bitterly regretted by the old regime.
2) Require that all Government posts and
candidacies for political office be filled by those
who can pass rigorous civil service exams in
Afrikaans or in English - with no exceptions.
3) In the same way as the Nazis were barred from
participating in the political process in Germany
(except as individual voters who could vote only for
non-Nazi political organizations) following the end
of the World War Two era of genocide which ended
well after the cessation of fighting between armies,
the ANC and those who are identifiable as its prominent
active leadership should be barred from participating in
national elections as candidates or power-brokers of any
sort, on the same basis that the ANC has aided and abetted
and directly brought about genocide and other forms of
brutal maladministration in South Africa. In this way,
South Africa will still have what is called "majority rule"
by the entire people - but the entire people will not be
permitted thenceforth to vote the entire country
backwards into dictatorship and barbarism.
Instead, the only permissible path to the future
in South Africa will be the path of progress
and peace with liberty and justice for all.
Scott Davis
Committee of 37 Peace Initiative
PO Box 877
Edgmont, PA 19028-0877

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