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Bring back the death penalty to South Africa

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It's easy to hide behind statements like, "who are we to play god and decide who should live or die", when it's not your loved one being brutally murdered and assulted. When there is a threat to your family you remove that threat- you don't try rehabilitate it and hope that maybe this time it won't harm again. This is the current practice in South Africa- murders and rapists being allowed back into our cities and towns to once again inflict insurmountable suffering. While we all remain bystanders in shock, in capable of doing anything besides expressing our anger in a fb comment- that fb comment isn't going to make sure that murderer and rapist doesn't harm again and that fb comment isn't going to bring the victims life back. It's time we as a whole and united country demand to be heard- there are currently over 13 million South Africans using fb, getting even 1 million signatures really shouldn't take us that long. And once we have those signatures we march- we create world wide coverage  that we as a country will no longer sit on the sides while our women and children are raped, while our fathers and brothers are murdered for their cellphones and cars. We will not live in fear anymore. 

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