Boycott SAJCCC 2022 @ Middelburg venue

Boycott SAJCCC 2022 @ Middelburg venue

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Started by S​.​E. Simpson

The South African Junior Closed Chess Championship 2022 organisers have priced the tournament out of the reach of many players and their families, ensuring that only affluent players can participate. This arrangement pays scant attention to the ranking, potential, talent or ambition of South African junior chess players, especially players of disadvantaged background. Chess South Africa, under the leadership of Hendrik du Toit, is making it compulsory for players to stay at their chosen venue (a resort in Middelburg Mpumalanga) for a minimum of 7 days. Full board accommodation will cost families from R12000 to R30000 (est.). The entry fee is R1200 per player. Players and their families will need to travel to Middelburg. This is economic exclusion and will result in some of South Africa's most promising qualifying young players not being able to participate. The competition as it stands will therefore not necessarily deliver the best and most deserving South African junior chess champions, thereby losing credibility in the chess community.

This proposal is to boycott the SAJCCC 2022 tournament as currently organised by Chess South Africa and demand that:
1) it be relocated to an affordable venue (for example a school) in one of South Africa's major cities,
2) the entry cost be drastically reduced,
3) participants be free to stay where they want,
4) Chess South Africa adheres to the Constitution of Chess South Africa (2013) in totality, and specifically to clause 8.25, obliging it to:  “perform its functions in a non-discriminatory and democratic way, striving at all times to provide equal rights and fair opportunities to all chess players, administrators, managers, arbiters, coaches and tournament organisers throughout South Africa.”

59 have signed. Let’s get to 100!