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Stop Hunger In Your Community

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The crime rate in the country is at an all time high. Unemployment is the leading cause for the crime rate, people who are hungry will do any thing to feed themselves and there children. There are 3.5 million children that go to bed hungry everyday, that is not counting the parents and Grand parents. People are starving out there we as the community must stand together and we can feed the Nation.

To use all available land in the cities and suburbs privately own land and municipality owned land we are the tax payers surely we have the right to plant food any where in order to feed the masses of starving people.

Corruption is a huge factor so the petition and movement will only be for seedlings to be planted in the suburbs, towns and farms.This movement will allow for the people you see on the side of the roads begging for money  to take food home to there families, the food that is growing every where will allow people to see that we do care we want to help and we will change the world one hungry person at a time.

This petition is requesting your signature to allow volenteers to plant  seedling and  other seeds donated to be planted by the community far and wide please encourage your family and neighbours to sign up and get on board. This petition will serve as proof and record of your permission if we encounter any complications from our local municipalities.

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Stop hunger in your community



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