Say no to extortion in South Africa

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Save our country don't give it up to the criminals. Don't give blackmail and extortion your tacit approval or nobody will invest in our country. This is your chance to stand up against the EFF and the corrupt ANC government:


While South Africa has become a lawless country - we THE PEOPLE have not lost our moral fiber. While the police and judiciary have lost their moral compass - we THE PEOPLE still have principles and civic duties. While corporations fall for blackmail and extortion, we THE PEOPLE will stand firm on our values. While the government watches with folded arms and fails to act - we THE PEOPLE will act and not allow evil to prevail in this land.

We THE PEOPLE have earned our money, it is ours to spend as we choose. Therefore we will impose economic SANCTIONS on all businesses that act unlawful, lost their ethos, or that do not honor this CREED. 

Until criminal charges of inciting violence, extortion, intimidation, and malicious damage to property have been brought against the EFF and its leader Julius Malema and successfully been PROSECUTED - we THE PEOPLE will not spend our money at Clicks South Africa nor hold on to shares or invest in Clicks Group Ltd. We will not support or buy products from any company that is willing to be held ransom by gangsters. We are law-abiding citizens and we will not tolerate corrupt practices that discourage investment in our country.

The laws of this country apply to everyone.

All Clicks shareholders! Your directors are subject to the Companies Act No. 71 of 2008. They have all the evidence for both criminal and civil remedy, insist they follow the law, act with due diligence, and do their fiduciary duty.

By signing this petition I commit to honor and uphold this CREED - so help me God.



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