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Sound Transit Board: Vote for Buses on 405, Not for Buses or Rail on the Kirkland Trail

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Update for 1/28/16 going forward: Petition will remain open for signatures indefinitely. On 1/19/16, Kirkland City Council voted to support Sound Transit's ST3 proposal of mass transit on the Cross Kirkland Corridor. The main message to you, our supporters, has not changed since this petition was launched on 12/30/15; that is to Save Our Trail from bus or rail. To those that signed this petition prior to this update, your signatures and comments were accounted for and directed to the Kirkland City Council and the Sound Transit Board. For those signing on or after the update, your signatures and comments will be directed to the Sound Transit Board and City Council, if needed.

Sound Transit has proposed multiple transportation solutions for its next generation of mass transit to support the growing population of Puget Sound. For the Kirkland area, the three possible solutions are:

1)   Buses on 405 (E-02)

2)   Rail on the Cross Kirkland Corridor (E-03a)

3)   Buses on the Cross Kirkland Corridor (E-06)

The E-03a and E-06 plans would forever alter this pristine trail that is very popular with residents and visitors who use it for recreation and non-mechanized green commuting. The trail goes along designated Environmentally Sensitive Areas and crosses many residential streets that pose pedestrian and traffic safety issues.

The good news is that Sound Transit has a much better solution with 1) Buses on 405 (E-02). 

Buses on 405 does a better job of reducing congestion at a more efficient cost and use of taxpayer's dollars than Buses on the Cross Kirkland Corridor Trail.

  • Buses on 405 will cost 40% less to build per rider than buses on the Trail
  • Buses on 405 will cost 38% less to operate per rider than buses on the Trail.
  • Buses on 405 will move riders 22% faster than buses on the Trail.
  • Buses on 405 will support 27% more riders than buses on the Trail.

*(note all data is based on Sound Transit’s project information and can be found at:

The Sound Transit Board will be making their decision on a proposal for the November 2016 ballot measure sometime in March. Our response is very important as it represents our city’s opinion about the best transportation solution for Kirkland and the Eastside. This is why we need your support NOW!

By signing this petition, we, the undersigned, request that the Sound Transit Board vote to recommend for buses on 405 (E-02) and vote to recommend against proposals for bus or rail development on the Cross Kirkland Corridor (E-03a and E-06).

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