Keep Souhegan Valley Lacrosse Local, Accessible For All Kids

Keep Souhegan Valley Lacrosse Local, Accessible For All Kids

October 3, 2019
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Started by Brian Handwerk

The future of lacrosse in our towns is at a crossroads. Because so few volunteers have stepped up to help with administration of the club, the Souhegan Valley Lacrosse Board is debating a proposal by a past president to transfer ownership of the club to Catamount Elite Lacrosse, based in Massachusetts. 

We the undersigned disagree with this proposal, and instead we hope to see Souhegan Valley Lacrosse remain a local, affordable, and fun way for kids to discover lacrosse. 

While remaining a NHYLA program, Catamount Elite would hire professional coaches at the younger levels and offer a bridge to their elite and college showcase programs for the older kids. While well-intentioned, we believe that this proposal represents the wrong direction for the future of youth lacrosse in our communities. 

We believe in a better way forward as put forward by another past president of SVL, Bob Williams. The plan, backed by a volunteer board, would re-engage SVL with the Amherst Recreation Department to operate the club, run it as a non-profit, and continue to play in NHYLA. As in the past SVL would rely on volunteer coaches from the community, supported by our very strong network of experienced high school and elite coaches and program directors. 


-First and foremost it's about fun. All local kids should have the chance to try (and hopefully love) lacrosse in a laid-back, local atmosphere with their friends.

-Lacrosse for kids should be affordable for families. Logic would dictate that affiliation with an elite team is bound to carry significantly higher costs for everything from coaches salaries to field space. 

-Loss of local control means the program's direction, its priorities, even its existence would be at the discretion of Catamount Elite--not the lacrosse families here in our community.  

-Numerous outstanding elite options already exist here in NH for kids ready to engage the sport at that level and SVL players take full advantage.

-Our existing network of coaches and leaders from high school and NH elite programs have volunteered their time, resources, and expertise to SVL for many years and been a tremendous asset to the club. Those partnerships work extremely well for elite players--and for all the other players as well. Ownership by Catamount would, at the very least, compromise those long standing relationships. 

- Transitioning the administration and general operations of the club to Amherst Recreation will largely close the current volunteer gap.  This model requires a smaller group of volunteers who will focus on coaching and working directly with the kids. 

Please join us in sharing your opinion with the SVL board. Having Catamount Elite take over our club is NOT the best option for our lax-loving kids. 


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Signatures: 382Next Goal: 500
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