Petition to Have a Sub-School Resource Officer When the Main Officer Leaves Campus

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We, the undersigned, support the addition of a policy that requires at least one school resource officer on campus at all times. School should be a place that students can go every day to feel safe, having a school resource officer on campus at all times would support this environment. When the resource officer leaves campus, this increases the risk of students feeling unsafe and the risk of potential danger.

            Currently, when school resource officers are not on campus, there are no substitutes to fill in for them. The resource officer can leave the campus for training or with a group of sophomores on their wintercession trip. In that time, there is no officer at school to protect the students and teachers. Justin Schlottman, the SRO at Cedar Crest High School in Pennsylvania says, “The school is in essence a community in itself, and building those relationships helps ensure that their school community is safe.” When students feel unsafe in school, they do not pay as much attention to their work as they should.

            Parents send their kids to school to learn and be safe. Children should not go to school and be worried by the fact that the resource officer is absent. When students are focused on the fact that they are at risk of harm, they are not focusing on their studies.

            The job of the school resource officer is to make sure that students feel safe while they are at school. Students cannot feel safe in their school environment when there is no school resource officer, and the possibility of them being in harm’s way.

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