Provide Virtual Schooling for Souderton School District to minimize Covid Spread

Provide Virtual Schooling for Souderton School District to minimize Covid Spread

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Started by Rachna Chadha

In response to the Omicron outbreak, Souderton Schools have followed mask required policy. However, it is understood that Omicron is seven times more contagious compared to other past COVID variants and such mask policies though helpful are not 100 percent fool proof.  There are obvious known limitations to how much such policies can help with minimizing the spread e.g there are no separate place for kids to have lunch and we know that its likely that many kids wont wear the masks appropriately as needed to avoid spread. Additionally, its known that cloth masks ( that many school students or personnel would wear ) are not enough to avoid spread of Omicron,however, there are no such guidance on kinds of masks to be used in school. 

With Omicron cases on the rise, we want our kids to be not being conducive in spreading the virus further and make the existing pandemic get worst in souderton, risking lives and health of many people and causing unneeded burden on already burdened healthcare system.

Things are already difficult in terms of getting covid testing and treatments done and we can not make it go worst by being a catalyst in covid spread.

Hence, keeping schools open physically adds additional risk to already bad situation. Additionally, the risk does not just pertain to kids but is clearly passed to people coming in daily contacts of these kids viz. their immediate families and others who may be high risk.

We as parents of Souderton School District are requesting that Souderton schools should go virtual to help avoid spread of Omicron in Souderton district. This option should be provided until the situation with COVID spread improves.


12 have signed. Let’s get to 25!