The fight for equality and fairness at the Souderton Area High School

The fight for equality and fairness at the Souderton Area High School

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Started by Maddie Skrzat


*taken from facebook. credit to Liz Roberts*

The students would like to receive an apology for the discrimination as well as a promise and vow to do better in the future. 

�ATTENTION SOUDERTON SD Alumni, parents, & community:

My younger sister is currently a senior at Souderton Area High School. She decided to run for Homecoming Court this year with another female and have it changed to Homecoming Royalty (similarly to how Pennridge HS did last school year for their prom). Many students in the school voted for her in the “king” spot, as that was the option. She was informed that she got voted in and would be in the homecoming court and of course was very excited. However, she was then told by the advisor of Student Council that the school would not allow her to run in the “king” spot and that “Souderton is not ready for that.” They would not let her run in the queen spot either as all of those spots were “already taken.” She reach back out to the advisor who told her this and sent an email to Dr. Varano’s secretary to set up a meeting about this and neither replied to her. They announced the homecoming court the next day in school and gave her spot to someone else. One of her teachers also said to her “the school wants to know if you are going to make a big deal out of this.”

So here we are, making a big deal out of it. I am asking any and all alumni, parents, and community members that are willing and able to please send an email to the following email addresses asking them to 1. reconsider their decision and issue an apology, 2. Express how upset, disappointed, etc. you are with Souderton HS’s decision to take away my sister’s homecoming court position that she was rightfully voted into, and 3. Mention the violation of the school district’s nondiscrimination policy. (

I will have a sample email in the comments for you to copy and paste if you prefer.

Homecoming is THIS WEEK! So please do this as soon as possible.

Please share this post to reach more people in the Souderton Community!

Samuel Varano (Principal)

Lisa Cole (principal’s secretary)

Bill Coddington (12th grade asst. Principal)

Frank Gallagher (Superintendent)

Christopher Hey (Asst. Superintendent/ Tile IX Coordinator)

Update: Please also consider emailing the school board members, their emails can be found here:

Update #2: If you are not affiliated with Souderton SD in anyway, you can definitely still contact the school/district and say you are "Friends of Souderton families" Thank you!

Update #3: my sister wanted me to mention that her and the girl she was running with are not dating. They are just friends. The advisor mentioned that also being a reason why they wouldn’t allow them to run together. However NONE of the other people running together are dating either. So it was just another excuse.

8 have signed. Let’s get to 10!