Allow Joseph Perri to come to school

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Joseph Perri is a senior at Souderton Area High School. In the third marking period of this year Joe 's health began to deteriorate. Due to his symptoms and doctor's visits Joe missed several days of school. His doctors have since preformed 13 medical tests to determine his ailment. Thus far there has been no diagnosis and signs point to a  chance of cancer. On February 15th, administrators and guidance officials made the decision to remove Joe's physical presence from school grounds. Thereby putting him into an online program, away from the people that shape his life the most his teachers and his peers. This decision was made without the advise or consent of Joe's family and teachers. Since then Joe has been forbidden from coming to school and interacting with the aforementioned friends and teachers, instead being cooped up home, alone. The isolation imposed by the school has given Joe symptoms of cabin fever and have induced stress, anxiety, and have had poor overall effects on his mental health. Mental and Physical health are not completely inseparable and should the beginnings of cancer be in his system the unnecessary stress will serve only to exacerbate his condition. Should things be as bad as doctors fear, then administrators could be responsible for greater deterioration of his health. Joe should be allowed to return to his friends, peers, and teachers at Souderton Area High School.