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We believe in the GRPS system and believe we are all in this together.

Letter to
Grand Rapids School Board
Without sufficient community input, the Superintendent has recently announced a plan to close 10 of our public schools, negatively affecting or displacing thousands of children, teachers, families, home owners, home renters and business owners in the process. As taxpayers and as affected constituents, we, the undersigned, reject the plan to dismantle our public schools: the consequences are far too severe, for the mere 2.5 % savings that would result. We call on the school board to instead collaborate with the affected constituents to build positive alternatives such as increasing enrollment, generating revenue and implementing savings in a responsible manner that does not dismantle our District. We ask them to vote against this plan and to collaborate in the name of the core public assets that make our neighborhoods convenient, livable and safe for all of us".

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