S.O.S. Western Civilization : SAVE ITALY FIRST. Let's STOP this suicidal PRO-MIGRATION PC!

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IN A NUTSHELL: Rescuing Italy from this highly orchestrated Third World invasion is THE KEY to the survival of our whole Western Civilization.

Italy constitutes a natural bridge between Europe and Africa, and this makes my country —the cradle of Western Civilization and birthplace of the Renaissance— the ideal candidate for such a massive, unprecedented, and now, more than ever, completely out-of-control Middle-Eastern-African Migration. Add two non-elected, so-called 'progressive' Governments (former Enrico Letta's and current Matteo Renzi's) showing total complicity in this tragic, never-ending saga. Then add, more alarming of all, the cumbersome presence of the Vatican and its "C.E.I.", with their recklessly, 1000% pro-migration 'PR Man' Pope Francis, and you'll get AN EXPLOSIVE MIXTURE of devastating potential.

EUROPE AND...'THE REST OF THE WORLD' should seriously consider what I have just said, because, whether they like it or not, they too are going to pay a very high price for this unprecedented —although, so far, supposedly 'pacific'— invasion. Keep in mind that 95% of these new so-called 'asylum-seekers' are Muslims. Now, without even starting to point out the countless incompatibilities between Islam and our Western Civilization, or the exponentially growing risks connected to the Islamic Terrorism epidemic, it must be noticed that Muslims are all, invariably, extremely prolific, while Europe's birth rates are at their historic low. If kept unchecked (as it is now) for another generation, this phenomenon alone will inevitably lead to THE END OF THE WESTERN CIVILIZATION as we know it, and —consequently— to the complete obliteration of our priceless, 3,000-year-old Western Culture and Heritage.

Such a catastrophic endeavor will be achieved through what is technically called 'GENOCIDE BY SUBSTITUTION', a notorious phenomenon we have recently witnessed, on a smaller scale, in the occupied Tibet. The Chinese Government, realizing that the eminently Buddhist Tibetans were hard to defeat the old-fashioned 'Tanks & Guns' way, sent a few million Han peasants to...'pacifically' live there, and the rest is history. Genocide by Substitution is by far the most effective long-term conquering technique known to mankind; nowadays even more so, because, in the name of a Politically Correct ('PC') propaganda that has reached its all-time peak, it can —paradoxically— be misrepresented as a...'good' thing. People daring to oppose this dreadful syndrome can thus automatically be stigmatized as...'bad', as 'xenophobic', or even as 'racist'; hence its deep-seated, intrinsic perversity. By relying on the average Westerner's innate good faith, this peculiarly twisted strategy is designed to coerce the hosting people into 'welcoming' their invader and 'opening their hearts' to him. Bottom line: THE EUROPEAN PEOPLE DON'T RECOGNIZE IT FOR WHAT IT REALLY IS: A WAR IN ALL RESPECTS! The globalist Status Quo of Europe knows these dynamics very well; so much so that, after each terrorist attack, oblivious legions of so-called…"No-Hate!" demonstrators are typically sent at every street corner, carrying slogans like: "Don't blame it on Islam!", or, even more emblematically: "We want more Refugees!".

But there is another important reason why I decided to change what originally was a petition addressed to 'My Fellow Italian Citizens' into an international appeal. I am very sorry to say it, but I am now forced to acknowledge that contemporary Italians are the most indifferent, passive, submissive and —at the same time— pettily self-centered and politically nearsighted people one could think of. The Italian version of this petition ( despite the enormous efforts I have dedicated in order to promote it among my fellow Italians —even with individuals apparently very much 'up my alley', even with those high-profile, self-styled 'maverick' Italians— gathered a mere 60 signatures in one month; only two signatures a day: unbelievable. What was (and still is) designed to be the quintessential 'Rescue-Italy Before-It's-Too-Late!' appeal, has been almost completely ignored by its ideal candidates: the Italian people. The same Italian people that, at this very moment, are literally fighting in order to sign another "Change[dot]org" petition like this one meant to save a little stray dog's life in Sicily; such a petition is collecting thousands of signatures every single day! THE WESTERN CIVILIZATION AGAINST A DOG: did I give you an idea about the PC-pervaded brainwashing level characterizing the Italian people nowadays?

This is precisely why I am now wholeheartedly asking for your support, dear friends from…'The Rest of the World'. The purpose of this petition is to help the, alas, very much 'asleep' Italian people to awake in order to finally understand the unparalleled threat Italy has been deliberately made the target of, as Europe's most prominent (and most tragically ill-advised) migrant 'Sorting Facility'. Given the decisive international role Italy plays in this whole migration sham, helping the Italian people to become aware of the destiny they are facing is not just important for Italy's sake, IT IS IN EVERYBODY'S INTEREST. Enabling my people to finally speak out and say: "Let's stop this suicidal pro-migration propaganda now!" to their two direct oppressors —the Italian Government and the Vatican State— is crucial FOR THE SURVIVAL OF THE WESTERN CIVILIZATION ITSELF. If you care about the future of Europe, if you think globalization should not be the answer, if you believe —like me— that the 'Melting Pot' philosophy is vehemently incompatible with Europe's 3,000 years of History, Culture and Traditions, if you don't want to have hordes of completely unvetted Middle-Eastern and African Migrants sent to your Country (via Europe) as wannabe 'refugees', this is the appeal for you.

Please sign and share this petition with your friends. If we reach an acceptable number of signatures, I will present it to the directors of our world-famous Italian museums, theaters and major cultural institutions —probably the only 'independently-minded' Italians remained at present. Thank you all !

For Italy and for our endangered Western World,
Dr. Salvatore di Talia, PhD

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