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Save One Life To Live and All My Children from being off air for good.

We sometimes wake up and think, what can I do to help someone out today? Today is the day you can help. With just a click of the button you can sign on to help Save Our Soaps (S.O.S) Today's that day.

We, the fans, have watched these shows for years and years! Some even passed watching it down to their children. We've adapted it as part of the family. It's become a 2pm, 9pm, 1am, 4am, or even 9am tradition. We don't want to loose our shows. Please sign this petition and help someone see it, and buy our shows.


Save One Life To Live and All My Children from the chopping block. They might be cancelled, but that doesn't mean they have to be off air! Let's get someone, anyone, to buy these shows and air them on TV.

Please have some kindness in your hearts to sign this petition, and help S.O.S (Save Our Soaps) stop One Life to Live and All My Children from going off the air for good. Thank you.

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