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For every child CPS removes from the home in West Virginia, the state receives Federal money every month for every child up to age 26. West Virginia is among the highest in the nation for removing children from the home. I am no angel, in fact I'm a long-time addict. However, there is a huge difference in an active addict and a recovered addict, yet the state refuses to recognize that in my case. My wife and I raised our children from birth in a stable home providing every necessity, and nearly every want of my children, we provided a moral and spiritual foundation for them, and have managed to raise 3 wonderful children alone, and in spite of our addiction. We both got into legal trouble for drugs a year apart, me being first. One year after I was incarcerated my wife got into trouble and was pressured buy an officer on the drug task force to be an informant without being offered any protection whatsoever, when it was just her and the children alone in the world. In the course of things the particular officer became very upset with her and told her that he was going to do everything he could to destroy her life and make sure that she lost her children. She ended up being out on bond and unable to break the chains of addiction alone and eventually had a warrant out for her arrest. She took the kids to my sister's house for her to keep until either her or I got out of jail. 2 weeks later when the task force got her the cop smiled at her and told her that he had warned her what he was going to do. He then called CPS and inform them that he placed the children at my sisters which was a complete fabrication, he had not even laid eyes on my children. This opened the door for CPS to come into our life. They proceeded to file petitions against my wife and I. In my case they filed a petition against me saying I was in neglect because I was incarcerated and unable to support my children financially or emotionally. I have never had a CPS case previously oh, and only this one charge against me in 20 years of been a dad. I fought the case from incarceration for just over a year. I completed a long-term treatment program while incarcerated. In fact I was a coordinator in the first ever DOC RSAT program in a Regional Jail. Myself and my brothers founded that particular RSAT community, and it is still running successfully today. After completing that program I went to Stevens Correctional Center and was allowed to work outside the fence in the community. I always had access to plenty of drugs, yet remained drug free. I was released from incarceration on March 27th 2017 and didn't get a day in court until 90 days later. I stood in front of the court at the time 26 months sober, a 12-step sponsor, with two jobs, and a stable place to live, yet instead of being given an additional Improvement period,  my rights were taken because I missed two appointments with an adult life skills social worker and I hadn't divorced my wife yet. Speaking of which, I made it clear to the court that if it was the only way to keep from losing my parental rights I would divorce my wife however I wanted it on record that I highly objected to being made to do so because I felt my constitutional right of freedom of religion was being violated.  I explained that I was a Christian and my Bible tells me that God doesn't allow divorce except in cases of adultery. I went on to say that I had been speaking with my pastor trying to come to terms with the fact that I was probably going to have to divorce my wife. My mind was blown when the judge looked at me and said I hadn't shown sufficient Improvement to Warrant an additional extension period,  and terminated my rights forever. Clearly my case has been decided by two factors- 1, because I'm an addict I'm unfit to be a parent, obviously my success and Recovery matters not, and two the state wants to keep getting that Federal money every month on each of my three children by keeping them out of my custody. I am not the only person being wronged by CPS. Please help me end Prejudice and Corruption in West Virginia Department Health and Human Resources, and our West Virginia family court system. I did absolutely nothing to deserve to lose my parental rights and I demand to have them restored.  ADDICTION IS A DISEASE NOT A CRIME! 

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